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The Company

IMECO S.A. is a long-standing Argentinean enterprise specialized in the manufacture of implants, prostheses and instruments used for orthopaedic surgery, and the handling of their correct distribution worldwide.


Since its inception we have based its technological development applied to implants manufacturing, taking as a reference international quality standards.


IMECO S.A. is an IRAM (Argentine Institute for Standards and Certifications) permanent member, and also possesses ANMAT (National Administration for Medicine, Food and Medic Tech) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certifications, the last of which was granted by the ANMAT for the development of medical products.


Our company counts with a Quality Management System, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) and ISO 14971 (Risk Management of Sanitary Products); all granted by RINA S.p.A. Italy, which proves the quality of our implants and manufacturing processes.


We are also in compliance with the Nation’s Health Ministry rules, being certified as a 100% Smoke Free Enterprise and Company declared Healthy Workplace.


IMECO S.A. forms part of the clause of companies recognized by the AAOT (Argentine Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology). Our productive capacity and experience allows us to develop and manufacture every variant or special part required.


Whilst trying to introduce constant improvement in our products, we have developed several investigation projects; both by ourselves, and in cooperation of important entities such as UNNOBA (Buenos Aires Northwestern University) and UBA (Buenos Aires University), as well as renowned professionals; which has granted us recognition from the most important specialists, not to mention from public and private health care entities, so much in the national and international environments.

Quality policy

Since its beginnings, IMECO S.A. has proved that improving the quality of both products and services has been a constant policy of the Company. This is seen by the recognition attained from the market in which the Company thrives... Today, in an open, globalized and highly competitive economy, IMECO S.A. commits itself to develop and implement a Quality Management System that comprises:

• Growing by satisfying costumers, providing them products and services according to their needs and expectations.
• Maintain training within the company personnel.
• Improving and keeping the product and service quality.
• Setting objectives of mutual agreement for benefit of our clients and the Company.
• Promote the participation of every employee in the processes of the Company.
• Controlling design and development in order to create reliable and safe products.
• Complying with quality, legal and current regulation standards.

Improving and maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.


IMECO S.A.'s directive board establishes and reviews quality objectives, in order to provide the necessary capacity and resources to achieve them.
Validity: October 2007 Rev.6


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Factory, Administration and Sales
Calle 178 (ex Roca) 2054 (B1655MID) – José L. Suarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: (+5411) 4729-1110


Distribuidores en Argentina

• Rosario - Pcia Santa Fé: Imnova S.A. Calle Zeballos Nº 624 / Tel: 03416792122 
• Paraná - Pcia Entre Ríos: Imnova S.A. Victoria 34 / Tel: 03434223315

• San Nicolás - Pcia. Bs.As.: Novatrau Cirugía y Gestión Belgrano 609 / Tel.: 0336-4458658

• Barrio Nva. Córdoba- Pcia. Córdoba: Aved S.A. Derqui 101 P A / Tel.:0351-4600199

• Bahía Blanca - Pcia. Buenos Aires: Ortopedia SYS ( Baffiggi S.H.) San Martin 448 / Tel.: 0291-4545030
• Corrientes - Pcia. Corrientes: Cirugía Avenida Av. 3 de Abril 858 / Tel.: 0379-4431212

• Godoy Cruz- Pcia. Mendoza: Franlau S.R.L. Thomas Edison Nº 695 Dpto 1º / Tel.: 0261-156546830

• Barrio HUIACO - San Salvador de Jujuy: Medimax Av. Bolivia 2412 / Tel.: 0388-4222668

• San Miguel de Tucumán - Pcia. Tucumán: Productos Para la Salud S.R.L. San Juan 1035 / Tel.: 0381-4300330

• La Plata - Pcia. Bs.As.: Química Mar Calle 60- Esquina 5 Nº 501 / Tel.: 0221-4830672

• San Fernande del Valle de Catamarca- Pcia. Catamarca: Simo Bº Huayra Punco - Torre J - Depto 23 2º Piso / Tel.: 0383-154391808

• Ciudad Autónoma Bs. As. CABA - Pcia Bs. As.: Total Bone Supply S.A. Larrea 889 / Tel.: (054) 114962-3522

• Posadas - Pcia. Misiones: Tucán S.R.L. Manuel A.Ramirez 3767 / Tel.: 0376-4429746

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